New Features

H2Ometrics is a dynamic software platform. We’re constantly adding new features, based on what our customers want and need.

Best of all, because H2Ometrics is SaaS (software-as-a-service), all of our customers get to use the new features as soon as they are released. There are no upgrade fees to pay or updates to install.

Recently Added – significant new features

Dec 2016 – Optimization of loading for large data sets

Dec 2016 – Rainfall-runoff flow model in modeling tools

Dec 2016 – Metric templates

Dec 2016 – Set reference rain gauge for each storm in RDII metrics

July 2016 – Hourly / daily down sampling on alerts

July 2016 – Optimization of manage data page for large accounts

July 2016 – YTD flow comparison report

July 2016  Meter mass flow balance tool

Apr 2016 – RSS data feed adapter for WAMR

Apr 2016 – Alerts with email and text message notifications

Mar 2016 – Added more recurrence intervals to rainfall IDF (months)

Mar 2016 – Editing with feather and linear interpolations

Mar 2016 – Editing with set point values

Mar 2016 – Editing with substitution of any model

Mar 2016 – Modeling with weighted sums for meter math

Mar 2016 – Modeling with adjustment factor periods

Mar 2016 – Modeling with meter correlations

Mar 2016 – Modeling with diurnal pattern periods

Nov 2015 – Text / email notifications for outbound reports

Nov 2015 – URL links to data feeds

Nov 2015 – External links for images, graphics and maps

Nov 2015 – Rainfall editing to zeros

Sept 2015 – Export RDII analysis

Sept 2015 – Editing with diurnal pattern

Sept 2015 – Batch exporting from manage data page

Upcoming Tools – in order of priority

Plot RDII and dry weather pattern with metrics

Antecedent Moisture Modeling

Manning equation model for flow from depth only

Hyperlinks from the MFB tool to the graphs in the data tool

Printing optimization for tools

Smart alerts (alerts from deviation from trending models)

Meter correlation modeling optimization tools

Feature Requests – To be done with the next update to each tool

Rainfall IDF tool enhancements to improve printing, selecting data and date range selection boxes

RDII metrics – use diurnal models for computing RDII flow with featuring and tilting of DWF pattern

Printable RDII metrics report

External links in periods for images

Iso-Froude lines on scatter plots